Why are playgrounds so important?

Playground environments are important because they can influence and enable children's creative play. A safe, calm and creative space will probably help inspire good play, whereas a dull, hard open space will inspire boredom and will allow "boys' games" like football to dominate everyone.

Playground design is a large subject but this brief guide assumes playground designs within a given space. Marking certainly can help make a big difference in improving an outdoor play space.

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Doug 19 May, 2009

Please feel free to link to us for ideas.

claire benton 7 July, 2009

i want to say that us children should have the right to play safe in lovly playgrounds

claire benton 7 July, 2009

please e-mail me if you agree with me.

Mark.Tulley 23 July, 2009

Children should go out and play in the playgrounds all the time.

edward 14 September, 2009

playground should be built everywhere

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