Ideas of what to paint

Playground games where pieces are needed can work well. For example giant chess, giant draughts, noughts and crosses or nine-men's-morris. The pieces for all these games can be obtained from

You can also mark down patterns for many games that require no pieces such as: skipping grids, square grids, number squares, spirals, or large clocks. Many of these will encourage children to invent their own games around them.

Compasses and maps of the UK or the world work well too.

In most schools, the playground will be used for PE and some other lessons, so that you should consult with the PE department as to what will work well for them. They will often want goals marked, tracks for various races, cricket stumps or even netball courts.

Some wacky ideas

They say that the only limit to what you can do is your imagination, and this is very true of playgrounds – what about marking out a treasure hunt, a mystery trail or a collection of linked words in French or German?

Or you could be Magritte-like and write the names of colours in those colours – this could allow you to teach children what those really puzzling colours look like, such as magenta, beige, lilac, primrose.

Mazes are popular (use colour as the key rather than hedges!) You can find designs on the Internet, or create your own.

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