Using grid systems for layouts

If you have a design such as an outline of the UK, you can draw or copy it onto a grid and then mark out the grid on the playground with chalk. Then draw the lines for each square. This is an easy and effective way to expanding your designs. To do the chalk lines you can use chalk sticks and rulers but a much quicker and more effective way is to use a chalk line. These are strings impregnated with chalk and you stretch them out and ping them to make a line.

Chess or draughts boards

The chalk line system works well for these too, but you will also need to do a right angle. The best way to do a right angle is to use a 5,4,3 triangle, which of course has a right angle opposite the longer side. In metres these are rather long lengths to measure, but a triangle of 2.5metres by 2 metres by 1.5 metres works well.

Surprisingly, you can usually hammer galvanised nails (or masonry nails) into tarmac, which is a great way to hold the strings while you are marking the lines.

Get the children to help!

If you can involve the children while you are marking out the area this gives them a lot of ownership. Some schools will allow you to involve them in the painting too, which can be fun (or just very painty!)

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